/ Campus


The campus comprises:

  • A  block with the science labs on the first floor and library above.
  • 3  audiovisual rooms.
  • 5 new digital visualiser with interactive gadget smart board
  • Computer Science Lab
  • An office block housing the Principals cabin, Directors cabin, the V.P.s cabin, accountants cabin and the office.
  • The north wing has the classrooms for primary and the east wing for standards VI to X
  • A new block  for Plus 1 and Plus 2 classes.

The year 2016 - 17 is marked with many events and success stories. This can be attributed to the dedication and team spirit of the members of the management, staff and students.
Our enrolment has an upward trend this year as more and more parents flock to this temple of learning making this as the first-choice for their wards.